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Can people who can’t swim go snorkeling ?

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You should not go snorkeling if you aren’t able to swim. This is especially true in deeper water and especially in water that is deeper than head height. You can’t really go snorkeling if you can’t swim, as snorkeling requires you to float on the surface with your head in the water and to swim along.

This is the case whether or not you use fins like flippers for some to snorkel with. Many snorkelers prefer to snorkel with fins. Swimming or snorkeling with fins makes it so much easier to make headway when snorkeling.

Fins help to propel you through the water much faster. So you save your energy. Plus fins will also help you to dive down under the water with ease too, which is known as duck diving. Having said all that about a swimming skill is essential, I’m not talking about needing to be a strong swimmer.

You only need basic swimming skills. Please use your common sense. To be able to snorkel, you will need to be confident in the water. Being able to swim first will give you the confidence you need.

It will also allow you to be safe when you are in the water. Whenever you enter the water, whether this is in a swimming pool, a lake, or the sea, you need to be able to swim first. If you get into trouble, you need to be able to swim to safety.

If you are a non-swimmer, I suggest you get some swimming lessons first. You can get swimming lessons at your local gym if it has a swimming pool. Alternatively, get lessons at your neighborhood swimming pool.

You may even be able to find someone local to you who has a private swimming pool, where they provide private swimming lessons too. Being in or near water is about confidence and learning to snorkel requires you to be confident in the water.

If you are intent on going snorkeling before you learn how to swim, please at least use a life vest or a pool noodle. Also, beware of currents and rip tides. You could be merrily snorkeling on the surface, with your buoyancy aid keeping you afloat.

But what would you do if you were suddenly swept out to sea in a current? Your buoyancy aid will keep you afloat in this situation, but it won’t prevent you from being swept away. In this situation, you need to be able to remain calm.

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